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This is the Official Minutes Book of the Karnataka Private Hospitals Forum.
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Notice from Yeshaswini and Arogyashree insurance network Hospitals

Kannada Version

We regret to inform you that we, the Hospitals treating Yeshaswini and Arogyashree patients, are under tremendous economic pressure. When these schemes were introduced 11 years ago we embraced it, as it gave us an opportunity to treat the poor of Karnataka. We were willing to treat the scheme patients even at a loss, since it comprised a manageable component of our patient volume. By cross subsidizing scheme with paying patients we managed to stay afloat.

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To Do

The Convention took a decision which the Core Committee discussed and finalised as the immediate action plan.
  1. Memorandum to be submitted by all local private doctors led by the IMA to the DC

Revenue Divisions

The Government of Karnataka has divided the state into revenue divisions for administrative purposes. The districts that fall under each revenue division is as follows:

Bangalore, Belgaum, Mysore, Mangalore, and Gulbarga.

Present Challenges

The present and potentially devastating challenges that lie ahead for the poorest of the poor people and the healthcare industry has not been appreciated by the Government of Karnataka while dealing with what are otherwise laudable healthcare schemes.

Our Organisation

WE believe that the opportunity to choose and have a say in all matters of importance ought to be resting with the member. Hence the opportunity to serve our community of members should be provided as widely as possible, at the same time ensuring continuity and stability. Thus the emphasis on the Taluka/City/Town/Village level self governing member-cells. These are the base and origin of our forum and it's strength. Accordingly, the organisation begins with the Taluka/City/Town/Village level, bubbling upwards for effectiveness and strategic reasons.